To watch our program participants take that first bus ride, successfully operate a machine for the first time, grab that high school diploma, master a computer program, or get their first job ­--it brings an immeasurable amount of pride and joy to the Seagull Services community of supporters, participants, and their families.

Now in its fourth decade, Seagull Services, a private nonprofit agency, proudly serves teens and adults with an array of developmental disabilities with programs that enable them to fulfill their life’s full potential.

Seagull Services includes vocational training facilities, a state-of-the-art charter school with a summer day camp for ages 11-22, a residential program with life skills training, community-based training, and a learning farm where clients can participate in commercial agricultural and culinary training programs.

Seagull Services also offers employment counseling and on-the-job training for those who may have other challenges and face barriers to employment. Our service area includes the Greater Palm Beaches and Southern Martin County.