Transition from School to Work

SAIL is committed to helping each student establish a happy, successful and independent adult life. Through off-campus field trips during the school year, our students gain exposure to a great variety of businesses and learn about functioning in different types of settings.

SAIL is extremely proud that 90 percent of our eligible students are employed by the time they complete the SAIL program. This is achieved, in part, by our community internship programs in which our students train in actual job settings. Often working with a peer mentor or job coach who learns the job and works alongside our students, the program enables them to become comfortable and proficient employees to a host of businesses in the greater Palm Beaches.

Other services offered by SAIL to support each student’s transition are:

Life Skills Development

In order for students to be prepared for independent living whether at home or living on their own in the community, they must master some core daily living skills such as personal hygiene, preparation of simple meals, grocery shopping, money management, housekeeping/cleaning, and laundry.  SAIL offers training to assist the student develop their level of independence in each area.

Speech & Language Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy

SAIL offers speech and language therapy to those students whose IEP indicates a need. SAIL contracts with a local Speech Pathologist who has been working with our students for over 10 years. For students needing Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy, we also have contracted therapists who fulfill these services.

Community Travel Training

For all students expecting to move forward with employment and independent living, travel training is one of the keys to success.  Students go out with an instructor individually or in small groups to learn how to use public transportation.  Training also includes making Palm Tran Connection reservations. Students are encouraged to use the most independent transportation system appropriate for them.

Employment Launch

Employment Launch was developed to focus on young adults aged 18-25 who struggle to find employment or keep a job. The “after-school” style program provides a bridge to young adults who need more training before finding employment or who need retraining to stay employed.