For Parents


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Parents/families should join SAIL's Remind group to get timely updates about special events, school holidays, and emergency situations. Contact Amy Brown at 561-540-8110 if you need help joining the group.

Title I Annual Meeting - Recording

Annual Meeting Annual Meeting        

SAIL works in partnership with each student’s parents, recognizing the parents as an integral part of the education process. Parents may access homework, worksheets, and exercises here for the students to complete at home. Additionally, here are links to web-based programs we use at SAIL.

At Seagull, students are placed in the classroom that matches both their academic ability and social skills. There is also specialized training in culinary arts and greenhouse occupations that coordinate with internship opportunities.

Goals for all students at SAIL are:

  • Mastery of individual goals and objectives
  • Graduation with a Palm Beach County high school Standard Diploma on Access Points
  • Successful transitioning from high school to independent living and employment.
  • Eligible to seek certificates in a variety of Post-Secondary Adult Vocational Areas.