Celebrating our service to the residents of Palm Beach County for 4 decades.

Seagull Services was founded in 1979 as Seagull Industries for the Disabled. The initial goal of the founders - parents of children with disabilities- was to improve the education and quality of life of individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Over the past three decades the organization has developed a broader mandate and expanded array of services.

From a tiny training center at Holy Trinity to a countywide organization serving close to three hundred youth and adults each year, Seagull Services has been changing lives and attitudes for more than three decades. Seagull has grown into a community agency meeting some of the most critical needs of the Greater Palm Beaches. Since its inception, Seagull has helped improve the lives of over 2000 individuals living in Palm Beach and Martin counties.

Working with an effective board, passionate volunteers, and a dedicated management team, we continue to expand the organization’s traditional programs to enable Seagull to grow in the 21st century and more fully address the needs of the residents of our community.

Despite our growth, our values remain unchanged: we believe that every person has the right to live a satisfying, productive life, and the opportunity to fully participate in the community, and live a dignified life as independently as possible while having the support and resources necessary to pursue their dreams and fulfill their aspirations.