Skill-Building Services

Seagull Services helps adults with a variety of disabilities achieve long-term success and fulfillment in work and life by helping them become independent and more integrated into their community. Programs include pre-vocational education and training, supervised work, employment readiness, activities programs, adult day care, and creative arts program. Learn More >>

Seagull Academy

Seagull Academy for Independent Living, or SAIL, is a charter school serving the unique needs of students with significant intellectual disabilities that include significant learning challenges. Established in 2002, SAIL offers an educational program that blends traditional academics with practical life and vocational skills. Our ultimate goal is for all of our students to realize their life’s full potential. SAIL is a charter school for middle and high school students operated under contract with the Palm Beach County school system and a division of Seagull Services. Learn More >>

Seagull Ranch

Seagull Ranch is a 20-acre organic farm and learning campus providing hands-on growing experience to Seagull’s students and trainees as well as providing a continuous source of nutritious produce for Seagull Service’s program participants and the community. It provides a vital learning and training program for those who might find interest and opportunities in employment related to various forms of agriculture, including greenhouse growing. Learn More >>

Supported Employment

Seagull Services prepares individuals with disabilities for
community-based employment and greater independence by
helping to eliminate their barriers to employment and providing
them the support they need to be successful in the workplace.

• Pre-employment skills training, including mock interviews, and
resume writing
• Provides supervised work and internship experience to
prepare for employment
• Teaches appropriate social and work skills
• Offers individualized job search and employment with
community businesses
• Training to use public transportation, if appropriate
• Matches participants with natural support at the worksite
• Follow-along services with participant and employer


In Loving Memory of Barbara Nurenberg

It is with deep sorrow that we share that Seagull Services’ President and CEO, Barbara Nurenberg, passed away Thursday, Nov. 29, 2018, after a brief illness. 

Ms. Nurenberg served as President and CEO of Seagull Services since November, 2013, and made many significant contributions to the agency during that time. 


Seagull Academy