Skill-Building Services

Seagull Services helps adults with a variety of disabilities achieve long-term success and fulfillment in work and life by helping them become independent and more integrated into their community.

The following services are offered at the Seagull Achievement Center:

  • Pre-Vocational Education & Training – Participants refine their skills to function more independently within a work environment in the greater community.
  • Seagull Work Center – Participants perform a variety of paid assembly, packaging, and collating jobs at our supervised work center to help develop and refine their work skills and practice behaviors necessary for workplace success.
  • Employment Readiness - Transportation, interview skills and other training is offered to prepare participants for community employment and is provided in concert with other skill-building services.
  • Activities Program - Senior adults with developmental disabilities participate in recreational and cultural activities in the community to remain active and engaged. Participants also benefit from facility-based exercise, art, music, and other stimulating activities to help maintain memory, health, and provide a social outlet.
  • Adult Day Care - Older adults who have a Developmental Disability and Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders enhance the quality of life in our safe, secure environment. The program is designed to enhance self-esteem, health and well-being, and dignity of each participant while maintaining their highest level of functioning.
  • Creative Arts Program - All program participants are offered the opportunity to experiment with a variety of visual arts based on their interests. Also, art education in the form of docent lead tours of art museums are offered regularly. Participants who are serious about their art also participate in formal training and have the opportunity to sell their art in various venues, including online. Visit our art gallery.