Seagull Residential Services

Seagull Place offers a warm, family-like atmosphere for its residents in homes that feature several gathering spaces, including well-manicured gardens and covered porches.  There also are comfortable family rooms and large, bright dining rooms for meal time and relaxation.

Licensed as an assisted living facility, Seagull Place provides room and board, daily living skills training, medication management, and recreational programs - all under the supervision of Seagull's experienced and caring professional staff.

Located within walking distance of the beach and marina as well as neighborhood shops, Seagull Place’s residents are able to fully enjoy their community. A nearby bus stop provides even more opportunities.

Residents are assisted with transportation to work, school, or day programs as well as provided transportation as needed to doctors’ appointments, shopping, and recreation and social events.

  • Accommodations Seagull Place offers a variety of living accommodations, including single occupancy and double occupancy rooms.
  • Meals A dietitian oversees the menu planning, but the preferences of the residents guide the menus.
  • Seagull Place Activities On a regular basis, the residents are offered the opportunity to participate with staff accompaniment at a variety of community events, such as Clematis by Night and concerts as well as specially planned activities, such as bowling, excursions, bingo, and many more.

For additional information please contact Joyce Hambrick, Director of Program Services | 561-842-5814 x127.