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Your gift to Seagull Services will help teens and adults with special needs or members of our community with barriers to employment fulfill their dreams to live in dignity by becoming responsible, self-reliant and productive citizens. Your generosity allows Seagull Services to continue to build upon innovative programs and services for our community. There are many ways to make a donation.

Direct Donation: Write a check to Seagull Services, or donate online to offer immediate benefit to Seagull Services. 

Tangible Household Items/Clothing:  Donate your gently used household items and clothing to benefit Seagull Services through, our Thrift Store partner, Green & Free Thrift Center.  Go to: or call: 561-530-3531.Drop off your items to the following address: 1980 S. Congress Ave West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Tributes and memorials: Make a donation in honor or memory of someone as a permanent tribute to a loved one. 

Charitable bequest or remainder trusts: Create a legacy for future generations with a gift to Seagull Services through your will or living trust. See sample bequest language. 

Real Estate: A donation of property can sometimes provide greater tax benefits than cash gifts as the owner does not incur any capital gains taxes. If the donation is part of your will, it could ease the estate tax burden for your loved ones.

Matching Gifts: If your company offers an Employee Matching Gifts program, you can double your gift with a matching contribution from your employer to Seagull Services. Many employers will match your contribution, and some will do more. When you send your gift to Seagull, please mail your company’s matching gift form with your contribution, and we’ll arrange for the matching gift.

Endowment Fund: An endowment fund is a way to create a perpetual gift for a program or service of Seagull Services. Structured so that only the interest is spent, the endowment would continue to bear funds to support the program of your choice or provide support each year where the need is the greatest.

Life Insurance: Through a life insurance policy, donors can fund their future gift to Seagull Services from income instead of capital.  You also can make Seagull Services a beneficiary of a paid policy whose coverage you no longer need for heirs or life changes.

Retirement Plans: Your retirement plan may be worth more when donated to Seagull Services  instead of to your heirs who could face higher tax consequences. An estate planner can help you examine and structure a gift from your employee retirement plan, IRA or 401K. 

Appreciated Securities or Closely-Held Stock: The IRS allows you one of its most significant tax breaks for gifts of appreciated securities. There also are substantial tax benefits to donating closely-held stock.