Seagull Academy offers in-person and remote learning

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

With the start of the spring semester in February, Seagull Academy has begun a hybrid program that combines in-person and remote learning across its classes.

An infusion of technology with big screens and additional computers in each classroom makes it possible. It enables each student to learn in the way that suits him or her best.

About 30 percent of Seagull Academy’s students returned at the beginning of the semester, allowing much room for spacing throughout the school.  Some students who have health issues or whose families have compromised immune systems will continue to learn remotely.

“Although we miss seeing everyone in person, the hybrid system allows each of our students and their families to choose the option that works best for them,” said Seagull Academy Principal Amy Brown.  “We’re grateful for the technology grants and gifts that made it possible for us to reach each student in their preferred learning environment.”

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