Graduates stick with SAIL for life skills and job prep

Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Seagull Academy for Independent Living had a graduating class of seven students at its commencement ceremony in May. But none of the graduates will be leaving SAIL quite yet.

Although the graduates have completed coursework to receive their diplomas, each has chosen to defer receiving a diploma and continue learning and maturing through Seagull’s program that helps young men and women transition from school to work.

They’ll participate in Seagull’s Supported Employment program where they’ll work to hone their pre-employment skills and other skills necessary for adulthood and possibly independent living. They’ll also have opportunities to participate in internships.

Students with developmental disabilities are permitted under federal law to continue receiving educational services until age 22, giving them several additional years to prepare for adulthood.

“The post-graduate years are an important time for our students as they continue to develop their vocational skills and move forward to living their life’s full potential,” said Linda Moore, Seagull COO.  “While not all will be appropriate for a work environment, most of our students who are eligible for work leave SAIL with a job.”

SAIL’s program is seamless. All students get lessons in appropriate behavior, social skills and pre-employment skills. But once a student has achieved his or her academic education, the focus shifts full-time to life skills and employment skills.

SAIL works with several local employers that provide internships for its students, including the VA Hospital, Morse Life, Jack the Bike Man, and the Four Seasons Resort.



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