Summer heats up work in Seagull’s Business Services division

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Seagull’s Business Services division has been blazing this summer as the workforce assembles and packages products for several new and long-term partners.

Recently, participants in Seagull’s Supported Employment program packaged almost 10,000 “Baby in Back” bracelets for the Safety Council of Palm Beach County.  The bracelets are designed to help prevent heatstroke in young children by having parents wear them as reminders that they’re travelling with their babies in the car.  The Safety Council’s goal is to prevent any child suffering heatstroke by being left in a hot car.  The Safety Council’s campaign and partnership with Seagull is several years old, but heats up each year as temperatures rise.

This time of year, the crew always is busy packaging hurricane shutter fasteners as well. Under a long-term contract with AMF Inc., they package screws, wing nuts, and other supplies needed for hurricane shutter installation. If you’ve bought a package of hurricane shutter fasteners from a big box store, it’s likely that you’ve got a product that came through Seagull’s warehouse.

Another common site in the warehouse is starfish.  The business partner, Bravado, sells them online to people looking for coastal décor for their homes or for special occasions, such as a beach-themed wedding.  Seagull’s crew packages the dried, white starfish that come in a variety of sizes in packages of different assortments. 

Seagull also is working with some new business partners. A contract with Hallandale Beach-based Promotional Concepts Team is providing a different kind of work opportunity for Seagull’s team.  They’re using the sanitary protocol of food services as they package dried blood orange slices as a garnish for bottles of Damrak Amsterdam Gin. Wearing hairnets and gloves, the employees pick up the slices with tongs and insert them into small plastic bags, and then secure the bags a decorative string and tag that will go on the necks of the bottles.  The initial order is for 1,000 pieces, and Seagull is hopeful for repeat orders in the future, said Amar Dhandhari, Seagull’s Warehouse Director.

“Our goal is to make them happy and hopefully secure repeat business,” he said.

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