Seagull’s adult program participants become performers, host presentations on Black History Month and National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


This quarter, Seagull Services program participants saw themselves through a different lens as they took part in performances that marked Black History Month in February and National Developmental Disabilities Awareness month in March. 

Beginning with research that broadened their knowledge of famous people of color in more... 

and famous individuals with disabilities, each participant played a role in a series of skits and music during performances at Seagull Services.

Their skits depicted moments in the lives of several famous African Americans, including Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play baseball on an all-white team, Rosa Parks and her groundbreaking bus ride, and Katherine Johnson whose work on the NASA Space Program was portrayed in Hidden Figures.

A lucky few were interviewed by reporters from WPTV Channel 5 who were on hand for Seagull’s Black History Month performance.

“Celebrating Black History month is for everyone,” the reporter said.  And we agree!

To mark National Disabilities Awareness Month, the participants returned to their research to learn about the lives of famous people with disabilities.

 Musicians Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, both of whom are blind, are renowned for their music.   Hellen Keller, who was deaf as well as blind, was celebrated during her lifetime for her accomplishments in overcoming her disabilities.

But what about Ralph Braun? Diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, Braun created better mobility devices for people using wheelchairs, and created the first known wheelchair lift for his own use.

The event also will feature presentations on Jack Brumpton and Madeline Stewart, who are making a statement in the fashion world as super models who have Down syndrome. 

The program was performed during the last week in March with family, caregivers and coordinators in attendance.

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