Seagull Services Announces Machine Training Program

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Seagull Services announces packaging machine training program

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. May 17, 2018 - Seagull Services announces this week the implementation of a new training program for the packaging industry.

Seagull has created a Packaging Machine Training program to improve the skills of individuals who take part in its Skill Building and Business Services programs. The programs are part of the collection of services Seagull provides for adults with developmental disabilities to prepare them for community employment.

The training enables Seagull’s program participants to master the various packaging machinery used in Seagull’s Business Services operation. The same training could enable them to find employment at fulfillment houses and various packaging operations outside of Seagull as well.

“Our mission is to assist individuals with disabilities to realize their full potential by providing education, training and employment services as well as other support, and this program opens doors to so many more opportunities for the participants who complete it,” said Barbara Nurenberg, President and CEO of Seagull Services.

Seagull Services partners with various local and national businesses to provide service and staffing for selected industries, which creates supported employment opportunities for its program participants. Since Seagull’s founding in 1979, it has served as a fulfillment house, and today also offers light assembly, packaging, and custom mail services that can’t be done through automation.

Last week, the first group of individuals was awarded certificates for successfully completing the training program for operation and care of the machinery. They’ll earn an additional certificate for proficiency on each machine they master. The small machinery includes counting scales, band sealing machines, blister pack equipment, shrink wrap machinery, and clam shell sealers. Not only do the individuals learn operation, but also safe operating rules and basic care of the machines.

“These are the best workers,” said Fred Apel, Production Services Advisor at Seagull. “I’m very proud of them, and I think they deserve to be proud of their achievement as well.”

The men and women comprising Seagull’s Business Services operation work up to a full week, depending upon the volume of jobs. Seagull Services has ongoing contracts to package and deliver a variety of products, including soft goods, insulated beverage cups, spa products, and hurricane fastener kits.



Seagull Services is a private, non-profit social service agency that is dedicated to facilitating improvement in the quality of life of developmentally challenged children and adults. In addition, it serves those who require support to overcome other social and educational barriers to success in their work and personal lives. Seagull offers advocacy and a variety of educational, social, vocational, and residential programs designed to encourage achievement, self-reliance, and economic independence. For more information, visit

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