Employment Launch

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Seagull Services announces a new program with startup funding from Palm Beach County to provide enhanced and extended training for young adults with disabilities seeking employment or re-employment. 


Employment Launch was developed to focus on young adults aged 18-25 who struggle to find employment or keep a job. The “after-school” style program provides a bridge to young adults who need more training before finding employment or who need retraining to stay employed.  

Curriculum and internships were developed to focus on the steps needed for workplace success. Each participant begins with an assessment to determine what barriers to finding or keeping employment may exist.  In an educational setting with no more than five in a class, they’ll go through a series of job skill courses. Topics include workplace behavior, the interview process, and real workplace encounters. 

One of the program’s highlights is a partnership Seagull created with The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches to provide an internship site for individuals who need more hands-on experience. Individuals who need more on-the-job training will be able to work as ticket-takers, concessionaires, or as part of the cleaning crew