Special guest visitors tour Seagull Services

Friday, November 1, 2019


Seagull Services has had the good fortune to receive visits from several guests in recent months, including several public figures and heads of businesses. CEO Dan Stanislawczyk has given frequent tours to help visitors understand the array of services that Seagull provides to adults and teens with developmental disabilities. In addition, visitors gain an understanding of Seagull’s role as a business partner, providing fulfillment, light assembly and other services to businesses from Palm Beach County and from across the United States.

Recent visitors include West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James, West Palm Beach City Commissioner Kelly Shoaf, Author and new business partner E.G. Harvin, Hallan Daphnis of WPBR 96.1 Haitian Radio, Audrey Piedra, District Secretary to State Rep. David Silvers,  and Palm Beach County Commissioner Gregg Weiss.

If you would like to visit Seagull Services, please call 561-842-5814.