Barbara Nurenberg Legacy Fund

Friday, December 7, 2018



Seagull Services announces creation of

Barbara Nurenberg Legacy Fund


In honor of the life and legacy of Barbara Nurenberg, Seagull Services announces the creation of the Barbara Nurenberg Legacy Fund.

Ms. Nurenberg served as Seagull’s President and CEO from November, 2013, until she passed away on November 29, 2018. Her lifelong dedication to special populations and her unwavering commitment to the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities resonated through the lives of all the program participants of Seagull Services.

Ms. Nurenberg was instrumental in guiding Seagull Services to refine its mission and dedication to filling unmet needs for services to adults and students with developmental disabilities in the Greater Palm Beaches. 

Additionally, under her leadership, Seagull added more programs to help more students transition from school to work and help more adults succeed in the workplace with the development of learning centers and the expansion of Supported Employment Services.

“Barbara Nurenberg was invaluable to Seagull Services,” said Laura Fowler, Chairwoman of Seagull’s Board of Directors. “She joined Seagull at a critical time in the organization’s 40-year history and set us on a path that aligns with today’s needs for adults and teens with developmental disabilities.  We will miss her and her tremendous leadership greatly.”

The purpose of the Barbara Nurenberg Legacy Fund is to honor Ms. Nurenberg and to create a lasting fund dedicated to supporting the programs that she believed were so vital to a full life for each of Seagull’s program participants. Through the fund, Seagull has set a goal of raising $100,000.

Those donating $1,000 or more in 2019 will be named Founding Donors of the Barbara Nurenberg Legacy Fund and recognized on Seagull Services’ website and on a special Founding Donors plaque to be displayed at the agency.

Donations of cash, stock, or other securities can be made to the Barbara Nurenberg Legacy Fund. Cash donations may be made online through Seagull Services’ website,, or by mailing a check made payable to “Seagull-Barbara Nurenberg Legacy Fund.”  Seagull Services mailing address is: 3879 Byron Drive, West Palm Beach, FL 33404. To donate stock or other securities, please call Ellen Hoffacker, Vice President of Finance, at 561-842-5814.