Safety enhanced at SAIL with new technology

Friday, September 7, 2018



Seagull Academy for Independent Living had a locked front door and single entry point long before it was standard at most schools. This year, a combination of new technology and a resource/security officer makes the school for teens with developmental disabilities among the safest campuses in Palm Beach County.

Seagull Services received a grant to install a state-of-the-art video and sound monitoring and recording system known as VIEWpath. The system not only provides major educational benefits but also significant safety benefits. While the resource officer walks the campus, VIEWpath will allow the administrative staff to monitor the classrooms.  

 “We are excited about this tool and its ability to enhance not only the safety of our students but the education they receive,” said Barbara Nurenberg, President and CEO of Seagull Services.

 The system enables classrooms to be monitored from cameras and recording devices stationed in each room and broadcast to a bank of screens in administrative areas. In addition to live monitoring, it provides for video recordings, enabling the Educational Director to review teaching methods and provide teacher monitoring.  An additional benefit is the ability for providing students with at-home lessons.

“This is a very useful feature for our students who have various health issues and often miss class or, due to their disabilities, need to review lessons multiple times to feel confident in the material,” Nurenberg said. “We expect this to improve educational gains as well as safety.”

“We’re extremely grateful to the Herbert Bearman Foundation for providing grant money for us to obtain VIEWpath, and to the Lillian & Joseph Schwartz Fund for the matching funds for us to complete the installation.”