Seagull Ranch

Seagull Ranch is a 20-acre organic farm and learning campus providing hands-on growing experience to Seagull’s students and trainees as well as providing a continuous source of nutritious produce for Seagull Service’s program participants and the community.

Located in Indiantown in western Martin County, Seagull Ranch houses several commercial greenhouses with temperature controls systems, allowing for a 10-month growing season. Organic produce and flowers are grown in both the greenhouses and in-ground.

Each week, students from Seagull Academy for Independent Living (SAIL) take part in lessons in agriculture and greenhouse growing at Seagull Ranch. The students learn everything from making compost and soil blends to selecting seeds, planting, tending the plants, and picking the produce.

Crops include tomatoes, herbs, sunflowers, and more. Beehives produce honey, which is sold locally.

Seagull Ranch’s produce provides a needed source of nutritious food to low-income families, including Seagull’s own clients. The food is incorporated into meals at Seagull Place, Seagull’s assisted living facility for adults. It is sent home with low-income students through a backpack program to ensure that students aren’t hungry on weekends, and it is distributed through a food pantry operated at SAIL to serve food-insecure families in the surrounding community. The produce not used by the school or within Seagull programs is sold at area greenmarkets or to local businesses.

Seagull Ranch also features a commercial kitchen, which in late 2016 will be used to produce value-added products, such as sun-dried tomatoes, herb-infused oils, and sauces from the produce. In 2017, Seagull Ranch will become a site for scheduled farm dinners.

Seagull Ranch is an integral part of Seagull Services’ mission to help individuals with disabilities realize their life potential. While providing nutritious food, it also is providing a vital learning and training program for those who might find interest and opportunities in employment related to various forms of agriculture, including greenhouse growing.